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Reach Out to your customers, In the language they understand. (sorry , we now supports only Malayalam and English)
Get in touch with us at  to know more details.

Why newslive ?

We target on small and medium level online newspapers along with  mainstream newspapers.

Our terms are very simple and easily affordable .

If  you believe your content is interesting for users, NewsLive is useful to make more readership


Making your own mobile app  will be expensive not not affordable for small scale newspapers .  You can integrate your portal to NewsLive  with a fraction of investment

Newslive App will be downloadable through all the  newspapers partnered with us .  So if you believe your portal has good articles , you will get more readers from the app .

We will be marketing our app through varoius paid and social advertising so that your newsportal will get more coverage easily

You have three ad spots available for your newspaper in NewsLive , you can get your own ads to place there

How to integate your paper in NewsLive

We expertise in handling the integration of your news content from you Website, RSS Feed or customized XML Feeds, to our NewsLive platform. With no effort from your side, we can take you Newspaper Mobile within  some days!

We technically integrate NewsLive platform with your existing Content Platform . You have no extra effort of adding news to the app


If you have a newspaper , Get in touch with us at  to know more details.