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Q. What is NewsLive all about?

We understands that subscribers enjoy reading news in their regional language. Keeping this is in mind, we have developed a mobile application for the newspapers in their regional language. We have started with malayalam .We are continuously working towards adding other languages soon .

Q.Which all Newspapers are available on NewsLive ?

NewsLive is now available for more than 7 Newspapers . Newspapers will be added in a regular basis.  Keep checking the list for new Newspapers. we will be adding more soon !

Q.What are the platforms supported by Newslive ?

Newslive is currently available for iphone , ipad  and android only . More platforms coming soon.

Q.How to get NewsLive on my mobile ?

You can find the links on downloads page . Alternatively you can find by searching the name ‘Newslive’ in stores like app store , android store etc

Q. Is NewsLive Free ?

YES, NewsLive charges you nothing! The application is completely free. NewsLive uses the normal GPRS or Wifi which is already activated on your mobile number Please check with your service provider for the regular data costs.