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Welcome to Newslive

About NewsLive

PI Digi Logical Solutions has launched a revolutionary new product News Live, which allows mobile users to read newspaper of their choice on the go. Newslive is a mobile application through which you can access the latest news of the regional  language newspaper on you mobile handset . Newslive is now available in Malayalam only . We will be implementing more languages soon .

Advantages  (For News Portals)

  • Making your own mobile app  will be expensive not not affordable for small scale newspapers .  You can integrate your portal to NewsLive  with a fraction of investment
  • Newslive App will be downloadable through all the  newspapers partnered with us .  So if you believe your portal has good articles , you will get more readers from the app .
  • We will be marketing our app through various paid and social advertising so that your newsportal will get more coverage easily
  • You have three ad spots available for your newspaper in NewsLive , you can get your own ads to place there

Advantages  (For Users)

  • Users can read almost all the papers in single app.
  • No need to download each app for each newspaper.
  • Our fast loading app helps to read news faster than any mobile browsers.
  • More platforms coming soon .
  • New papers will be updated continuously.